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Taoist Form of Tai Chi

This Tai Chi Form is based on the traditional yang style 108-move set, modified by our late Sifu, Moy Lin-Shin. Master Moy adapted the set by adding more turning and stretching to open up the students joints and massage the students' internal organs. Master Moy also borrowed from the internal arts: LokHup Bafa, XingYi and BaGua and added elements of Taoist and Buddhist Qigong practices to modify this Tai Chi Form.

LokHup Bafa

We openly offer to our members the LokHup Bafa form of Master Moy to health and fitness enthusiasts.  LokHup Bafa challenges students with a variety of intricate movements.  It quickly helps students open up body channels for all the circulations to flow freely. In this way, we believe, it lets the body and internal organs repair and renew themselves. Our teachers observed that students practicing LokHup Bafa experienced improved health much faster than practicing Tai Chi alone.

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