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About MTCA

Our school, founded by students of the late sifu Master Moy Lin-Shin, was set up as a charitable organization.  Helping and giving to others is the sole motivation of our dedicated volunteer instructors, officers, and directors.

Master Moy Lin-Shin

By combining the theory and practice of the Taoist internal arts of health, Taoist meditation, and traditional Chinese medicine, Master Moy has developed a form of Tai Chi that gives special emphasis to restoring and maintaining a state of natural health and well-being. 

Master Moy Lin-Shin

1931 - 1998


Aims and Objectives

The Michigan Tai Chi Association was founded with the aim of bringing the Taoist form of Tai Chi to every community, so that its many benefits will be available to all who wish to experience them. This vision is reflected in the Aims and Objectives of the organization:

  • To Make Tai Chi Available to All

  • To Promote Health Benefits of Tai Chi

  • To Promote the Exchange of Culture

  • To Help Others

The unique health benefits of the Taoist form of Tai Chi stem from the fact that it is a complete and integrated exercise, one which works all of the body's systems deeply yet gently. This makes it an exercise suitable for persons of all ages and conditions of health.


All of our accredited Tai Chi, LokHup and Qigong instructors teach at our school as volunteers.   Officers, directors and instructors serve without monitary compensation.

By attending a class at our school, you are contributing to the good work and positive energy that we wish to share with our community, the world and those less fortunate,  with the hope of inspiring everyone to live a healthier and happier life.

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