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"Since starting Tai Chi, my scoliosis has not deteriorated any further, and I have not lost any more height.  Almost everyone else in my class attends due to some type of disability: Parkinson's, arthritis, back pain, joint pain, heart disease, knee and hip replacement, and they all find it helpful."

Dr. Mary Franzen Clark, Ed.D.,LLP

Associate Director, Alpha Psychological Services, Northville.

"At the age of 78, I notice a marked difference in my body since taking Tai Chi classes the last two years. It has help relieve the stiffness in my arthritic right hip and has made me more flexible. I can more easily raise my right leg into the driver's side of the car.

The two teachers who volunteer their time, Lillian Schisler and Renate Kickland, are very able and personable and keep us wanting to come back.  We are grateful to the Michigan Tai Chi Association for sending these teachers."

​Phyllis E. Hess

"These classes have proved to be a positive form of exercise for the elderly. It enhances balance and body awareness, while at the same time builds strength, which reduces the risk of falls. 


I feel that by offering Tai Chi classes to our aging, we have helped build their self confidence and at the same time it has given them the peace of mind to continue with their daily activities without the fear of falling and seriously injuring themselves."

Bobbie Pummill

Plymouth Community Council on Aging Director

"Canton Center Chiropractic Clinic is pleased to host Tai Chi classes.  Since August 2007, Lillian Schisler has been instructing my patients in the art of Tai Chi.  I am happy with the response and improvement of my patients. 

I appreciate the time Lillian has volunteered to teach this class.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Michigan Tai Chi Association."

Robert E. Potter, Jr. D.C.

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